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We used the Sarasota Shopping Service when our daughter was coming to Siesta Key from London for her honeymoon, and we wanted her and our son-in-law to be able to enjoy their stay immediately without the need for going grocery shopping. Beth was a pleasure to deal with and it was all very easy. Write the list, she prices it up, you pay online and it is all in its right place when you arrive into your home or rental. would highly recommend using the service - in fact we are using it again shortly

Julia S., London England

“Beth helped me stock my refrigerator and pantry during a serious illness that kept me homebound. Her prices were fair and her deliveries were prompt, but what really kept me coming back was her sincere and compassionate personality, which is so important in the service industry.

Katherine G.

I am thrilled to be able to recommend Beth and her Sarasota Shopping Service to any and everyone. Beth responded very quickly to my shout for help and proceeded very professionally. I gave her a very specific list of what we needed and even told her where to shop. The shopping was perfect. Fruits, veggies, fish and chicken were all well chosen and good quality. I felt like I had done the shopping myself!! Kudos!”

—Jacqui G.

I am very favorably impressed by the Sarasota Shopping service. I have found the service to be prompt. efficiently organized, courteous and very reasonably priced. Sarasota citizens are so fortunate to have this service in our community.

Charles W.

I can't tell you how grateful I am to Beth at the Sarasota shopping service for the wonderful and quick response to my grocery list! Her help was invaluable.

Lori K.

I found Beth online when I needed chocolates and flowers delivered to my girlfriend in Florida. She bought and delivered them within a couple hours of my call! Beth is awesome!

-Jordan (Sacramento, CA)

Beth Hammer's shopping service is excellent. She gets the job done without a hitch. I'd recommend it to anyone who appreciates efficiency and reliability.


The Sarasota Shopping Service is a wonderful service that gives you exactly what you need, when you need it, and at a reasonable price. I used Sarasota Shopping Service to deliver groceries every week or so to my 16-year-old daughter who was in Sarasota for five weeks at a summer dance program at the Sarasota Ballet. I just sent Beth the list of my daughter's favorite foods, where to shop for them, and sent money by Paypal. It couldn't have been easier. Beth always responded to my emails promptly and she was very easy to work with. My daughter was thrilled with the service. Beth picked out exactly what my daughter asked for and she was always on time with the delivery. It was a real comfort to me with my daughter 1000 miles away to know that she had someone to shop for her and bring her the things she needed. I would definitely recommend the Sarasota Shopping Service and plan to use the service again. Thank you so much, Beth!

- Kim R

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