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One of the hardest parts of laying on the beach all day is realizing you have to get dressed and go out to eat.  Sometimes it can be a fun occasion.  Other times you'd rather just stay in, enjoy the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico, and the moon and stars at night.  Isn’t that what vacationing is all about?  So kick back and enjoy your stay.

Busy Executive?

For those who simply don't have the time to shop, Sarasota Shopping Service can be the answer! We'll pick up your laundry, prescriptions, and groceries, and deliver them to your door. Prepare your list here on line. Services and prices are outlined on this website. Let us know when you need your items and we'll be there to deliver them to you!

Special Party?

This is where Sarasota Shopping Service excels. When you've got plans - large or small - call on us to help you fill in the gaps with ease. Sarasota Shopping Service can make sure your pantry is well stocked for the upcoming event, and can even help you plan what to serve! Ask them to help you the next time you have a deadline to meet!


We're not just for seniors

Don't let worries about travel and shopping intrude on your life.  You have other things to think about.  With Sarasota Shopping Service all you need to do is decide what you need, prepare your list, and give us a call!  Or you can prepare your list easily here on our website.  We’ll pick up your groceries, prescriptions, and any other items you may need when you need them.  Then we'll deliver them directly to your home. 

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